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BUFFALO GROVE, IL – October 7, 2004 – InFlow Technology (InFlow) and Haldex Corporation have announced today that Haldex has partnered with InFlow and SmarTeam, a Dassault Systems Company, in response to their growing need for collaborative design and communication throughout their engineering, manufacturing and production processes. Since InFlow’s implementation of a SMARTEAM solution, Haldex has seen a significant time savings throughout the manufacturing process.

Haldex, a division of Haldex AB, Stockholm, Sweden, has been a worldwide leader in the design and development of hydraulic gear pumps and power units for over 70 years. After migrating to SOLIDWORKS’ 3D design tools in the late 1990s, it was a natural transition for Haldex to adopt SMARTEAM for its PLM solution.

“The more we worked with SOLIDWORKS and the integration of 2D versus 3D, the more we saw a need for file management,” said Chad Nelson, Senior Designer/CAD Administrator, Haldex Corporation. “Partnering with InFlow and SmarTeam was an ideal fit for us and we expect to see measurable productivity gains.”

With plans to grow its international market share, Haldex Corporation has emphasized the development of new products as well as the re-design of existing products. The four different divisions, located in Sweden, Germany, North Carolina and Rockford, are constantly collaborating on various products from research & development to design to manufacturing.

“The need to share information across many locations is one of the prime reasons driving the adoption of SMARTEAM,” said President of InFlow Technology, Rod Levin. “At Haldex, we were able to incorporate information from their legacy systems as well as SOLIDWORKS to provide a single source for product information across the enterprise.”

In an effort to catapult Haldex’s PLM system to the next level, Nelson will continue to measure the projected benefits of partnering with InFlow and implementing SMARTEAM. So far, he has estimated significant time savings throughout the manufacturing process: 10% reduction in time spent from the concept of a product, 7% from detailing, 10% from modification, 10% from testing and prototyping, 10% from set-up and a 10% reduction in time from the actual manufacturing phase. Also, once the initial phase of the design cycle is complete, using SmarTeam, Haldex expects a reduction of 70% in time spent making changes after the product is released.

“Haldex had the right vision from the start of their SMARTEAM implementation. They made a commitment to InFlow and SMARTEAM, and are now seeing the payoff,” said Levin.

Haldex also anticipates a reduction in their excessive, inactive and obsolete scrap by at least 5%, and the SMARTEAM PLM system uncovered multiple parts that have been duplicated in error due to lack of communication.

About InFlow Technology
InFlow Technology (InFlow) is focused on the increasing need for collaborative design and communication throughout engineering, manufacturing and production processes. In today’s business environment, manufacturers need to share information in an efficient and dependable manner in order to compete in the global marketplace. InFlow is dedicated to increasing productivity through the use of PLM tools such as collaboration and product data management (PDM) technologies. InFlow is a subsidiary of Computer Aided Technology, Inc. For the latest news from InFlow, visit the company’s website at or contact a representative at 800-875-3009.

About Haldex
The Haldex group (, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is a provider of proprietary and innovative solutions to the global vehicle industry, with focus on products in vehicles that enhance safety, environment and vehicle dynamics. Haldex is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and has annual sales over 6 billion SEK with 4,000 employees.

About SmarTeam Corporation
SmarTeam Corporation Ltd. develops, markets, and supports rapidly implemented, yet totally customizable, product lifecycle collaboration solutions that drive efficiency, quality and responsiveness for customer centric organizations and their value chains. Founded in 1995, SmarTeam is one of the fastest-growing companies in the PLM market with some 3,000 customers worldwide, and a broad solutions portfolio that enables manufacturing organizations and their supply chains to efficiently manage and collaborate on product information from concept through retirement. SmarTeam’s solutions help companies gain improvements in product quality, reduce costs, expedite project turnaround, comply with industry standards, and shorten time-to-market. SMARTEAM is a Dassault Systèmes and IBM PLM solution and is delivered by world-class resellers on every continent.