• May. 18th 2022
  • 1:00pm - 2:00pm CST

Thank you to all who attended the April 3DEXPERIENCE User Group! This month, we’ll discuss preserving critical PLM information while collaborating externally, and we’ll hear from a guest from the SOLIDWORKS team about how to improve your subdivisional modeling quality when using cloud CAD.

Session 1:
Improving External Collaboration with 3DEXPERIENCE PLM
SOLIDWORKS has released a free utility for exchanging SOLIDWORKS designs with external stakeholders who aren’t using 3DEXPERIENCE. CATI’s Bob McGaughey will showcase the tool, which provides control over access permissions on shared data while preserving critical PLM information like revisions, maturity status, and other metadata on the platform.

Session 2:
Achieving Precision in 3D Sculptor
3D Sculptor is known for creating complex shapes in a very free flowing environment, but what about when your design calls for very precise surfaces? Dassault Systèmes’s Jordan Tadic will show techniques for obtaining a higher level of precision in your subdivisional designs.


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