November 3DEXPERIENCE User Group

  • Nov. 16th 2022
  • 1:00pm - 2:00pm CST

Thank you to all who attended the September 3DEXPERIENCE User Group! This month, we introduce amazing procedural 3D design tools and also help you adjust to 3DEXPERIENCE’s cloud-based data management.

Session 1:
3D Pattern Shape Creator – The Future of Design Is Here
In this presentation, you’ll find out why 3D Pattern Shape Creator is my new favorite tool to create mind-blowing models that can be easily updated to create vast changes in design that you would never dream of being able to achieve with traditional parametric design. I’ll share why 3D Pattern Shape Creator is my go-to when precise complexity is needed and why it’s so easy to collaborate with SOLIDWORKS to create fully defined solids that are ready for manufacturing.

Session 2:
Same, But Different (and BETTER): Moving from SOLIDWORKS to 3DEXPERIENCE PDM
Change isn’t easy. We get it. You’re comfortable using on-prem data management. You like how it works and you know what to expect. This presentation will show how you can accomplish all your important day-to-day tasks and more in the “same-but-different” cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE PDM system.


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