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Event #: DI100

Our Design Innovation Month Online Events are designed for users as short training tips and tricks sessions. This selection of events focuses on SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

Online Event Topics and Descriptions

Presentations Descriptions
Assembly Patterning Tips and Tricks for SOLIDWORKS Copying design components to multiple locations in assemblies makes for a faster design progress. In this tips and tricks session we will venture into the tools and techniques that go past simple linear patterns or cut and paste operations. This is a must watch if you build assemblies inside of SOLIDWORKS.
Admin Portal & Online Licensing for SOLIDWORKS If you would like to access your SOLIDWORKS license anywhere with just a username and password, this is the session for you. We will be discussing the ins and outs of the new SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal and the new online licensing option.
Sheet Metal Tips and Tricks for SOLIDWORKS Are you new to designing with the SOLIDWORKS sheet metal tools? If so, you will wnat to register for this presentation. This tips and tricks session will be your guided tour of the sheet metal toolbar and some hidden gems that are not on the toolbar.
Design Table Tips and Tricks for SOLIDWORKS

This session will cover all aspects of Design Tables—from the optimal setup of parts and assemblies in SOLIDWORKS, to how to utilize the tools in SOLIDWORKS and Excel, and to help automating the design process of creating configurations.

FeatureWorks Tips and Tricks for SOLIDWORKS This session will cover an overview of FeatureWorks. We will go through some Automatic and Manual usages of the tool to get a feature rich models out of a non-feature-based imports.
Library Setup – Smart Components and Mate References Tips and Tricks for SOLIDWORKS This session will demonstrate how to use and create library features, mate references and smart components in SOLIDWORKS to enhance productivity and minimize the design errors while creating standard design features or reusing standard industry-specific components in your design.
Weldment Tips and Tricks for SOLIDWORKS This session will discuss how to get started using SOLIDWORKS Weldment tools. We will touch on 2D & 3D sketch, weldment profile setup, and other tools that will help you accelerate you application of tool, be it for conventical means or just designing from projects out of wooden construction material.
3D Interconnect Tips and Tricks for SOLIDWORKS When dealing with CAD data from multiple systems it is easy to lose time in the conversion process. In this session you will learn how 3d Interconnect opens native CAD data from other tools and works with it, without converting to a SOLIDWORKS file. You will also learn about when it makes sense to convert those files for more functionality.
Working With Mesh Data Tips and Tricks for SOLIDWORKS This session will discuss the many ways you can now bring mesh data into SOLIDWORKS. We will go through example of the Mesh-to-Surface tool and Scan-to-3D.
SOLIDWORKS Modeling Skills For Maximim Performance In this session, we will present a case study in which part and assembly modeling techniques went wrong. Using standard SOLIDWORKS tools and a set of production files, attendees will discover the issues and how to correct them for increased performance.
Achieving Extreme SOLIDWORKS Performance – Windows Tweaks In this session, we will show you how making simple changes to your Windows can have a big impact on SOLIDWORKS performance.
SOLIDWORKS Features You Didn’t Know About In our day to day usage of SOLIDWORKS, we probably only use about 20% of the software to do 80% of our job. In this session, we will discuss some of those hidden gems that 80% of the users out there don’t know about – adding more tools to your SOLIDWORKS toolbelt.
Sketching Tips and Tricks For SOLIDWORKS In design, we strive to learn how to use a tool more effectively. This session we do that with sketching. In 25 minutes, we will show you some tips and tricks save time and make you more efficient with the SOLIDWORKS sketching tool.
Redneck Workarounds For SOLIDWORKS Did you know that your day-to-day modeling tasks may be wrought with unnecessary steps that waste your precious time and money? This session will provide attendees with some inventive and unique techniques that will inspire you to think more creatively and inventively to solve daily design issues.
Surfacing Tips and Tricks for SOLIDWORKS Surfacing can be a little daunting for new SOLIDWORKS users. We created this session to show surfacing methodologies to let you hit the ground running. We will cover what some features do as well as how to choose what’s best for your for situation.
Choosing the Right Video Card for Maximum SOLIDWORKS Performance In this session, we will share some of our preliminary results from our new for 2018 Achieving Extreme SOLIDWORKS Performance series. We will be talking about video cards and their impact on SOLIDWORKS day to day usage. we go through multiple generations and levels of video cards allowing you to get the most bang for the buck.

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