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Event #: DI102

Our Design Innovation Month Online Events are designed for users as short training tips and tricks sessions. This selection of events focuses on SOLIDWORKS PDM.

Online Event Topics and Descriptions

SOLIDWORKS PDM Windows Explorer Integration Best PracticesIn this session, we review user tips on working with SOLIDWORKS PDM in Windows Explorer including: managing your local cache, changing and saving views, working with the tabs, and options for administrators to improve the user experience
SOLIDWORKS PDM  Copy Tree / Move Tree Tips and TricksWorking in SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and PDM Professional, we will demonstrate user tips using the Copy Tree and Move Tree.
SOLIDWORKS PDM BOM Tab OverviewReview tips in SOLIDWORKS PDM for manipulating and updating the BOM tab
SOLIDWORKS PDM Office Integration BasicsIn this session, learn how to install, configure, and use the Office Integration with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional
SOLIDWORKS PDM SOLIDWORKS Integration Tips and TricksIn this session, we go over the SOLIDWORKS integration with PDM Professional and Standard.  We will demonstrate how to use the integration including: updating user preferences
SOLIDWORKS PDM Web 2 ReviewIn this session, we take you on a tour of the SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2 interface.
SOLIDWORKS PDM Macros Using Dispatch Tips and TricksIn this session, you will learn how to use SOLIDWORKS PDM Dispatch.
SOLIDWORKS PDM Using Search Cards for ReportingIn this session, we cover how to use SOLIDWORKS PDM Search Cards to generate reports.
SOLIDWORKS PDM Collecting Support InformationIn this session we will discuss tips for working with support team including: collecting logs, backing up the database, and collecting the archive files. We never anticipate software issue, but it’s great to prepared if any should arise.

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