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Event #: CP101

CATIpult learning sessions are unique educational opportunities designed for SOLIDWORKS users of various experience levels.

CATI Technical Analysts have put together a series of hour long presentations in the form of convenient webcasts. The CATIpult webcasts are conducted via Webex and consist of live SOLIDWORKS hands-on training, Power Point presentations, and product demonstrations.

Topics change monthly, so check back for new topics.

Are you looking for past CATIpult webcast? You can find previous recordings over on our YouTube channel.

Presentation Topics

Click on the tabs below to view the topics for the upcoming months.

Battling with TemplatesThis webinar will answer some of the most common questions SOLIDWORKS users have when working with drawing templates. We will discuss the differences between sheet formats and drawing templates and how to create customized versions of these files. We will cover some best practices for setting up your SOLIDWORKS environment so starting a drawing “just works.”Kris Dubuque
Getting Started with SOLIDWORKS ConfigurationsThis webinar will cover exactly what you think, how to get started with SOLIDWORKS configuration. We’ll touch on what Configurations are, why you’d want to used them and show a few different examples of how to create them.Kris Dubuque
ALTernate ways to SHIFT your CONTROL of SOLIDWORKSDuring this webcast, we’ll cover (almost) every function the ALT, SHIFT, and CTRL key can do for you in SOLIDWORKS.Kris Dubuque
Assembly Tips for Productivity in SOLIDWORKSWith today’s fast pace, even a few seconds savings can add up to make a significant impact. We’ll cover some tools in SOLIDWORKS to better understand assembly performance. We’ll use that information in a handful of tips to gain a bit more performance from our SOLIDWORKS assemblies.Kris Dubuque
Structure System – Simplify creation of complex weldment structures in this advanced weldment environmentWalk through a common engineering design workflow. Starting with shapes and objects created from basic SOLIDWORKS commands, transition into a Multi-body design, and eventually creating a full working assembly; without losing any work along the way.Kris Dubuque
Turn SOLIDWORKS into Your Kinematic Whiteboard!Moving linkages are a staple of Mechanical Design and often seem to start on a whiteboard(or napkin). But whiteboards don’t move! IF we learn to leverage SOLIDWORKS Kinematic 2D sketching WE can accelerate our design concepts, gain useful insight, and turn our whiteboard into a 3D design in no time!Brandon Nelms
Free and Powerful SOLIDWORKS Xpress toolsThis session demonstrates the SOLIDWORKS Xpress Tools. It provides an informative look into tools all SOLIDWORKS users have. The Xpress tools are lightweight versions of the larger tool, designed to be easy to use and give additional insight to you designs. During this CATIpult, we will cover DriveWorksXpress, DFMXpress, SimulationXpress, and FloXpress.Kris Dubuque
Increasing Quality for Metal Fabrication using SOLIDWORKSIn this webcast we’ll review how metal fabrication shops leverage SOLIDWORKS to turn projects around faster and improve their processes. For metal fabricators who aren’t leveraging SOLIDWORKS tools now, this webcast will be invaluable. The goal of this webcast is to help you understand how you can work with different file types from your customers and how you can reduce time and cost from your sheet metal or weldments fabrication processes.”Greg Butor
Using SolidWorks Weldments in Non-Conventional Ways What comes to mind when you think of Weldments? Likely, some sort of metal frame-type structure. In our September CATIpult webcast, we’ll cover other uses for the Weldments tools in SOLIDWORKS. The overview will include an overview of generating the main layout sketch for the design and the importance of creating custom profiles.”Taryn Llorente

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