3D CAD SOLIDWORKS Case Study Matrex Mold

Case Study – Matrex Mold & Tool Inc

The Challenge
At Matrex Mold, speed, efficiency and quality is the motto. Upon the purchase of Matrex Mold, owners John Matson and Patrick Odette set out to not only make their company a fierce competitor in the mold building market, but also to make their customers competitive in their respective markets. Serving the needs of a wide variety of industries such as automotive, telecommunications, consumer and medical, Matrex owners and employees needed to streamline processes and ensure quality for each of these market sectors.

To achieve their goal, they needed to have the right people on board to bring in new ideas and implement change. They hired Design Manager Dan Scullin, who decided that 3D technology would be the first step towards the goal of quick and efficient design and manufacturing. Scullin was immediately interested in SOLIDWORKS based on its reputation. As the company began investigating technologies, they were able to weed out other 3D modelers that had not garnered market share, offered competitive pricing, or maintained a consistent product enhancement path like SOLIDWORKS.

The Solution
Not long after purchasing SOLIDWORKS, the company invested in 3D manufacturing tools which would allow for concurrent manufacturing and add to the speed with which Matrex could deliver to their customers. While these changes did not occur overnight, SOLIDWORKS’ ease-of-use assisted in a short ramp–up time and the ability to communicate in 3D to the shop and customers. SOLIDWORKS had proven itself to be a tool which would become fully integrated within the Matrex environment and processes.

In order to add to the depth of technology and innovation, Matrex once again turned to their SOLIDWORKS Provider Team at CATI to determine how they could continue to improve their environment. Understanding the needs of Matrex, CATI suggested SOLIDWORKS Gold Products MoldWorks and SplitWorks by R&B Mold and Die Design Solutions.

“Eliminating our previous linear approach to mold building due to 2D design limitations, and getting multiple departments working on the same project at the same time has allowed us to meet today’s deadlines,” comments Dan Scullin, Design Manager, Matrex Mold & Tool, Inc.

Matrex Mold & Tool’s commitment to their customers has propelled them into technology solutions specific to their industry. This has led them to achieve their goal of keeping their customers competitive. Matrex has been able to add secondary service operations, add new equipment and increase product development and support for their customers. They also take advantage of additional CATI services, such as SOLIDWORKS CATipult sessions, educational seminars and “Tech Tips” in the monthly newsletter, and continue to reap the benefits of the latest tools to keep them movers and shakers.