The Challenge
Thirty-five years ago, with the mission to bring new technology to the industry while providing outstanding product quality and attention to customer service, M-B-W introduced a lower maintenance vibratory plate compactor. Over the years, the founders have relied on innovation and technology to create the broad product line that M-B-W now provides – including soil compaction products, equipment for finishing, screeding and slipforming of concrete, as well a number of specialty products for construction applications.

Innovation led M-B-W to be one of the first adopters of a solid modeler, Pro/Engineer, in the state of Wisconsin. In 1990-1991, the company felt that in order to align their business philosophy with their high quality products, 3d technology was the way to go. More recently, the company decided to test Pro/Engineer against newer, more innovative technology.

The Solution
M-B-W conducted a full evaluation of mechanical CAD offerings on the market, including SolidEdge, Inventor and SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS’ ease-of-use and key innovations like dynamic assembly motion influenced their decision.

Another significant factor in M-B-W’s decision was that they felt comfortable with the SOLIDWORKS Provider Channel. Confident in the technical capabilities of leading SOLIDWORKS Provider Computer Aided Technology (CATI), they finalized their decision to go with a SOLIDWORKS Solution.

“Many companies at this point were looking to go from 2d to 3d, but we had already done that. Instead, we were faced with the decision of whether or not we had the best solid modeler on the market,” comments Paul Sina, Senior Project Engineer. “In the end, we felt that SOLIDWORKS and our provider CATI had the qualities that most closely matched our own business philosophy of striving to remain innovative.”

Today, M-B-W is still striving to remain an industry leader. The key to it all has been MBW’s aversion to “me-too” engineering. They have realized a time savings of 20% for their overall workload since the switch to SOLIDWORKS. On one particular mechanism design, they estimate they reduced their redesign time by 2 to 3 times by using SOLIDWORKS rather than Pro/E.

M-B-W purchased SOLIDWORKS Software, Subscription Service, Training and Project Level Support from CATI.