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Medical Design Industry

SOLIDWORKS® software is used by thousands of medical product designers worldwide to develop a wide range of innovative products including U.S. FDA Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 devices. Examples include diagnostic machines, implantable devices, surgical products, and clinical laboratory automation equipment.

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SOLIDWORKS and its Solution Partners offer the medical product designer innovative and production-proven design capabilities including:

  • Leading sheet metal design tools
  • Advanced surface design tools for superior enclosure design
  • Superior performance with large assemblies
  • Unmatched range of data translation tools
  • Configuration management tools for parts and assemblies
  • Fully associative top-down and bottom-up design techniques
  • Intelligent assembly components
  • Powerful production drawing capabilities
  • Powerful revision control options using product data management products
  • Unmatched selection of fully integrated Solution Partner products

Technology Solutions

CATI offers a variety of Technology Solutions for the Medical Design Industry. Below we have listed some of our most popular options for machine designers. In addition, we have put together a Value Medical Designer Bundle featuring the following technology, training and support options.