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In the past two decades, the fashion industry has faced increasing scrutiny for the sustainability of its production practices. For leaders within this sector looking for new ways to improve their business models, CATI provides a path forward with solutions that improve product development, streamline supply chains, and reduce waste.

  • Staying agile

    Today’s always-on social scene is constantly creating the next big thing. Plugged-in consumers want products fast, and they want products that align with their personal brand. Art and fashion creators can harness data analytics to follow cultural trends at a high level, and use CAE to streamline production with seamless collaboration, modular designs, and digital and 3D-printed prototyping.  

  • Consumer values

    Consumers increasingly view brands as an extension of their own identity, and prioritize alignment with their personal values. Growing global connectivity is raising the profile of human rights and environmental sustainability concerns in the art and fashion industries. CATI connects creators with the PLM software that they need to increase visibility, design environmentally friendly products, and ensure resource-efficient production across the enterprise.

  • A transforming landscape

    Fashion and technology are colliding in ways that open up exciting avenues for innovation. Connectivity, customization, and the opportunity for standout new features are all shaping the current market landscape and consumer preferences. CAE lets creators design boldly, using robust collaboration and simulation tools, the latest data analytics, and 3D printing capabilities to keep up with the pace of transformation.

  • Supply network resilience

    Globalized supply chains are vulnerable to regulatory changes, geopolitical uncertainty, and logistical hurdles. Transparency and close collaboration throughout art and fashion creators’ supply network are crucial for resilience. PLM software gives companies the visibility to stay responsive, and the integration to creatively problem-solve with partners inside and outside the business.

Bringing Design and 3D Printed Innovations to Every Artist in the World

3D Printers for Art & Fashion

The bridge between innovation and creation not only offers a technological advancement, but also philosophical and cultural growth. The results of these collaborations are displayed at highly-valued cultural centers, museums and publications around the world, continuing the education and exploration of the relationship between technology and the creative industry. Inspiring curiosity in our current and future partners.

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Stratasys J8 Series - J850 Pro/Prime and J826 Prime

The J8™ series features multiple versatile, multimaterial 3D printers powered by PolyJet Technology™. Whether you need full-color consumer product prototypes or multimaterial models for functional testing, the J8 Series offers the perfect 3D printing solution.

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Empowering innovators with virtual prototyping tools.


Virtually Eliminate Expensive Physical Prototypes

See how top manufacturers leverage virtual prototyping to decrease costs and shorten product development cycles.

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3D Scanners for Art & Fashion

Get the perfect fit, every time. 

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