Faced with supply chain disruption, labor shortages, and intense consumer demand, manufacturers the world over are searching for solutions that will allow them to improve their output without compromising quality standards. CATI provides a suite of PLM, CAD, and 3D printing solutions for businesses across all industries to meet market pressures with ease.

  • Driving efficiency

    Demand may change, but delivering a high-quality product will always be first priority. Manufacturing companies must take advantage of new technologies to drive efficiency while meeting the standards their customers have come to expect. PLM software gives companies the transparency to streamline processes and analyze production data to keep costs down and never stop optimizing.

  • The new consumer

    Demand on the manufacturing industry is higher than ever, and in addition, consumers place a premium on customization. Companies need lightweight design processes that utilize resource-efficient virtual twin capabilities and modular construction to deliver configurable products. CAE keeps companies agile in a rapidly shifting market landscape.

  • Supply chain volatility

    Globe-spanning supply chains are affected by local regulations, geopolitical shifts, and logistical hurdles. Manufacturers need visibility into all their operations to ensure consistency. CATI connects companies with the PLM software that helps them keep their supply network partners close and gives them the advantage of data insights to anticipate and respond to changing circumstances.

  • The future of manufacturing

    Leaps forward in manufacturing technology are giving companies new data streams about their process and products in the form of integrated sensors and edge computing. PLM software helps companies harness these capabilities, providing the transparency and analytics to innovate not just on what gets done, but how it gets done, too.

Recommended Software for Manufacturing

Emerging technologies are providing Industrial Equipment solutions to revolutionize how manufacturers and suppliers of any size go to market.

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  • Drawingless Manufacturing - SOLIDWORKS MBD

    Unlike 2D drawings, SOLIDWORKS MBD defines, organizes, and publishes annotations directly into the 3D data in widely accepted formats, such as eDrawings, STEP 242, and 3D PDF. This helps automate downstream manufacturing processes such as tolerance analysis, machining, and inspections.

  • Manufacturing - CAMWORKS & SOLIDWORKS CAM

    CAMWorks with Machining Intelligence is the most advanced CAM programming software available for getting products to market faster, With seamless integration within the SOLIDWORKS design environment, CAMWorks offers true associative machining automatically accommodating changes to the part model, which eliminates time-consuming CAM system rework due to design updates.

  • Quality Control - SOLIDWORKS Inspection

    SOLIDWORKS Inspection is a First Article Inspection (FAI) and in-process inspection solution that greatly simplifies and automates the reporting process. SOLIDWORKS Inspection is easy to use, integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD, and available as a standalone application to work with other CAD systems.

Bring Products to Market Faster

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3D Printers for Manufacturing

Go from design to prototyping in hours instead of days, blaze through product development with rapid prototyping, and reduce lead times and IP theft exposure by keeping everything in-house.

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Empowering innovators with virtual prototyping tools.

Stratasys F123 Composite Ready

Virtually Eliminate Expensive Physical Prototypes

See how top manufacturers leverage virtual prototyping to decrease costs and shorten product development cycles.

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3D Scanners for Manufacturing

Measure the dimensions and validate the quality of manufactured parts as well as find the root cause of issues detected during inspections.

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Additional Manufacturing Resources

Learn more about the business solutions CATI provides.

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  • Stratasys F123 Composite Ready
  • Stratasys F123 Composite Ready
  • Stratasys F123 Composite Ready
  • Stratasys F123 Composite Ready
  • Stratasys F123 Composite Ready
  • Stratasys F123 Composite Ready
  • Stratasys F123 Composite Ready
  • Stratasys F123 Composite Ready