Desktop Metal - Fast, Easy, Affordable, Office-Friendly Metal 3D Printing

desktop-metal-printer-partComputer Aided Technology is your source for Desktop Metal 3D Printers.

Desktop Metal was created to change the way we bring products to market. Current metal 3D printing is too expensive and industrial for prototyping and it's not fast enough or cost-effective enough for mass production. Fundamentally different approaches are needed to move metal 3D printing beyond its current limits.

The Desktop Metal Studio System was designed as an end-to-end solution, it's the only way to print complex metal parts in-house.

How it works

Unlike laser-based systems that selectively melt metal powder, the Studio printer extrudes bound metal rods–similar to how a plastic FDM printer works. This eliminates the safety requirements associated with metal 3D printing while opening up new alloys and enabling new features like the use of closed-cell infill for lightweight strength.

Desktop Metal Facts

  • 10x Cheaper than current Metal 3D Printers
  • Build Speeds at 16cm3   per hour
  • Build Area of 300mm x 200mm x 200mm
  • Office Friendly
  • Easy to Use


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