Add Simulation to Your Company’s Product Development to Drive Greater Innovation and Tangible Business Benefits

The SOLIDWORKS Simulation suite provides a set of 3D engineering tools that enable any engineer, in any industry to:

  • Virtually simulate a wide variety of physical environments in an intuitive and powerful interface
  • Perform all types of simulations including: linear and nonlinear static, vibration, fatigue, thermal, optimization, and nonlinear dynamics
  • Conduct rigid body motion simulations
  • Compare the performance of products made of different materials

Watch the short videos below to learn about the engineering scenarios SOLIDWORKS Simulation addresses to help you design the best products the first time.

SOLIDWORKS CEO Gian Paolo Bassi discusses SOLIDWORKS Simulation's intuitive user experience that embeds accurate and high-performance analysis tools within your product development workflow.

Watch former SOLIDWORKS CEO Bertrand Sicot validate the business case for SOLIDWORKS Simulation software by discussing customer stories from Center Rock and Clearstream. Hear how you can learn from these users and take advantage of SOLIDWORKS Simulation's powerful, but easy to use analysis tools.


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