SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service Changes FAQ

What is the new Subscription policy?

The current Subscription policy will be replaced with full Subscription backdating. As a result, users with an expired Subscription will be subject to all missed Subscription charges (up to the cost of a new license) plus the current year charge to renew the expired license and obtain the current release with full support. This policy applies to all SOLIDWORKS product offerings and includes licenses that were never on Subscription.

When will the change go into effect?

The new policy will be effective beginning January 1, 2016. The existing policy for renewing licenses will remain intact through the end of business December 31, 2015.

Does this change in policy affect me?

The new subscription backdating plan only affects customers who have software that is currently off subscription service or customers that may be contemplating allowing their subscription service to lapse.

How will this change in policy affect me? January 1st and beyond?

Customers who have SOLIDWORKS software that is off subscription service after January 1st 2016 and would like to renew subscription service for that software will be subject to the entire cost of subscription service from the date that their subscription service expired to current plus the cost of the subscription service for the coming year(s). There are no additional fees beyond the cost of subscription service.

Prior to January 1st 2016? Customers who would like to renew their lapsed Subscription; they have the opportunity, through the end of 2015, to renew their subscription services under the old plan. For this limited time customers will be able to regain subscription service for their software for a $500 fee per seat plus the cost of subscription service for the coming year(s).

What products are covered under this new policy?

All SOLIDWORKS products are affected by the new policy.

Please contact our renewal department at 888-308-2284 with any questions.