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DraftSight - 2D CAD Product is a professional-grade, open 2D CAD product for users who want a better way to create, edit and view DWG files. A better way to create, edit and view DWG files.

DraftSight™ takes just a few minutes to download and runs on Microsoft® Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7 (general release available), Windows® 10, Mac® and Linux®

DraftSight Free is excellent for individuals who need a straight-forward 2D drafting solution including students, hobbyists, and more.

DraftSight Professional

DraftSight Professional is an affordable worldwide technical support and services package designed to help you manage your 2D CAD requirements, the service includes technical support, software deployment, customization, and integration. DraftSight Professional is a subscription-based service and can be renewed on an annual basis.

DraftSight Professional is perfect for engineers, architects and CAD users who need a professional-grade 2D design and drafting solution.

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Moving to 3D design–it’s not that hard

Have you ever gotten a call from your machine shop pointing out an error in a drawing; or even worse, received parts back from the shop only to discover an error that was overlooked? One of the major benefits of 3D CAD is that it lets you check for form, fit and function before spending a dime to manufacture parts.

Moving to 3D is easier than you think. SOLIDWORKS software allows you to preserve the value of your 2D DWG data with the best available tools for converting data from 2D to 3D, accommodating reusable 2D geometry, and enabling a smooth transition–including extensive help documentation for AutoCAD users.

Moving from DraftSight 2D to SOLIDWORKS 3D: learn more in SOLIDWORKS Help

See how you can automate the creation of drawings, and automatically check designs for common errors and auto-updates while you work. You'll work more efficiently while eliminating manual errors.

The DraftSight Community. Where CAD users unite.

The online DraftSight® SwYm community facilitates a collaborative, design-focused environment where the global community of CAD users can learn and interact with community members, and let their opinions be heard about specific topics, challenges or anything else they're passionate about when it comes to CAD and DraftSight.

It's easy to join and access additional learning resources, ask and answer iQuestions, and more. Entry to the DraftSight SwYm community just requires a Dassault Systemes' Passport account.

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