Part and Assembly Modeling

Handle all aspects of your part and assembly modeling with SOLIDWORKS 3D design system. Effective product design involves a wide range of tasks that demand flexibility in your software. 3D solid modeling offers several advantages over traditional 2D design, but you want 3D CAD tools that you can use every day while being powerful enough to handle all the aspects of your design process.

With SOLIDWORKS, you get an intuitive 3D CAD system that combines ease-of-use with powerful modeling capabilities that can handle your most complex design projects. SOLIDWORKS accelerates your design, saving time and development costs, and making you more productive.

SOLIDWORKS capabilities include:

  • 3D solid modeling–turn ideas and concepts into virtual 3D models
  • Conceptual design–begin 3D designs quickly using imported images, simple sketches, or scanned 3D data, and then add more details as the design evolves
  • Assembly Structure Planning: SOLIDWORKS Treehouse – quickly lay out your design assembly structure and then export to SOLIDWORKS to automatically create your CAD files
  • Direct Model Editing–manipulate and modify 3D geometry working directly on the 3D CAD model
  • Large assembly design–performance tools to handle even your biggest and most complex products and systems
  • Advanced surface design–generate complex organic shapes, including curve continuous (C2) surfaces
  • Sheet metal design–create sheet metal parts that can be easily manufactured
  • Weldments–quickly develop structural supports, frames, brackets, and bases
  • Plastic Part design–create plastic parts that can be easily molded
  • CAD Productivity Tools–special capabilities that help you work faster
  • Reverse engineering–work from 3D scan data generated from existing designs to speed new product creations
  • Mold design–generate molds and tooling to produce plastic, cast, and forged parts
  • Piping and tubing design–complete your design by adding hydraulic, pneumatic, and other systems
  • Electrical cable harness and conduit design–include necessary control, power, and other electrical systems in your design

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