SOLIDWORKS Training Class Descriptions

Class #: C501

SOLIDWORKS Plastics teaches the user how to evaluate the manufacturability of injection molded parts. This course covers the functions necessary to set up the simulations for all aspects of the process: part filling, packing, cooling, and ejection. The process is taught in a stepwise manner. Advancing to each step as the course progresses, from a basic flow analysis, to evaluating part filling, all the way to the calculation of the shape of a warped part after it leaves the mold.

Users will learn to predict common defects such as short shots, sink marks, weld lines, air traps, and gate blush to help them confidently design parts produced using the injection molding method.

During this instructor-led course, students will learn:

  • Meshing
  • Automation tools
  • Material selection and creation
  • Multi-cavity molds and using symmetry
  • Runner balancing
  • Clamp force prediction
  • Valve gates and hot runners
  • Insert overmolding
  • Reaction injection molding
  • Multi-shot and gas-assist molds

Completion of SOLIDWORKS Plastics will familiarize the user with the necessary commands, options and menus to generate successful analyses on their designs.

  • Price: $1195.00
  • Professional Development Credits: 3
  • Classroom: 2 sessions, 7 hours each
  • Virtual Classroom: 4 sessions 3-1/2 hours each


  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials and a fundamental knowledge of plastic materials, plastic part design, and/or injection mold design.

Class Details

  • Predict fill time

  • Optimize gate location
  • Air traps
  • Weld lines
  • Short shot
  • Temperature Distribution
  • Pressure Distribution
  • Balance runner systems
  • Family mold layout
  • Create and analyze single-cavity, multi cavity and family mold layouts,
  • Optimize sprues, runners, and gates.
  • Estimate cycle time,
  • Clamp tonnage

The SOLIDWORKS Plastics training guide will be supplied at the beginning of class and is yours to keep.

Students will have a strong understanding of how to utilize SOLIDWORKS Plastics to improve their design of plastic parts.

Upcoming Classes:

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September 10, 11, 12, 13, 2018 10:00am - 1:30pm - CST Register