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Comprehensive Video Training For SOLIDWORKS

SolidProfessor’s online courses and video tutorials are designed to help you rapidly increase your CAD knowledge. Their eLearning platform allows you to start learning the basics of sketching, parts, assemblies, and drawings or if you are an experienced user you can jump right into more advanced topics like surfacing, sheet metal, and simulation. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to develop your design skills resulting in an immediate impact on your productivity.

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Around the world, there’s a never-ending drive for increased productivity. For design teams, this means constant pressure to create more and better designs in less time.  This isn’t news, of course–it’s the reason SOLIDWORKS was created, and it’s why we improve the product every year, with new capabilities and new ways of creating better designs faster.


Anyone can use My.SOLIDWORKS via a web browser at My.SolidWorks.com.  You’ll get the most capability when you’re logged in using your SOLIDWORKS customer account. Customers with an active SOLIDWORKS Subscription get additional value by accessing the content tied to a subscription also appears in My.SolidWorks.  We will be adding mobile capabilities–as well as an add-in to SolidWorks–soon.

My.SOLIDWORKS is available now –

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