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Course ID27675
Class NoS451
Class NameSOLIDWORKS Mold Design
Course DescriptionSOLIDWORKS Mold Design explores specialized commands used to create the solid bodies typically used in injection molding, die cast, or other mold-based manufacturing processes. This course will show the user how SOLIDWORKS uses a workflow to analyze and apply necessary drafts, build shutoffs, and core and cavity surfaces needed to create mold bodies. During this instructor-led course, students will learn how to: Analyze a model for proper draft and apply draft. Use advanced surfacing techniques to prep a model for mold tooling creation. Build core and cavity mold tooling. Build side cores and pins. Use alternate techniques for tooling creation. Apply and reuse data common in most mold tools. Completion of SOLIDWORKS Mold Design will familiarize the user with the specialized commands associated with mold tools, giving them the ability to use its full functionality.
Course DatesJune 4, 6, 11, 13, 2019
Course Time10:00am - 1:30pm
Central Time
LocationVirtual Class
ClassroomVC1 - Virtual Class
TrainerRyan Field
Max Students15
Virtual Computer Provided: No

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