CPPACertified PDM Professional Administrator

A Certified PDM Professional Administrator (CPPA) is an individual who has successfully passed an advanced examination in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional administration skills and is ready to manage a SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional implementation on behalf of his or her company.

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Recommended Training Courses:
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Administration Class
Basic knowledge of Project Management, gained through online training or by attending a local institute

Prerequisites Needed To Take The CPPA Exam:
Software: SOLIDWORKS 2012 (or later released version) and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2012 (or later released version)
Access and Privileges checklist:

  • Login and Passwords to Archive and SQL Servers (including SQL sa password)
    • Internet access
    • Ability to create vault
    • Ability to add new users

Exam Length: 2 Hours

Minimum Passing Grade: 70%

Re-Test Policy: There is a minimum 14 day waiting period between every attempt of the CPPA exam. Also, a CPPA exam credit must be purchased for each exam attempt.

All candidates receive electronic certificates and personal listing on the CPPA directory* when they pass.

Once SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional has been deployed within an organization, it must be properly maintained by qualified individuals who will be responsible for daily maintenance tasks and for any subsequent configuration changes. By assigning a CPPA qualified individual to this task, employers can be confident that their site is being managed by an individual with proven skills in administrating SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional tools that may be covered in the exam include:

  • Vault creation and configuration
  • Basic Vaulting operations (Add Users, Change Permissions, Check I/O, etc.)
  • Modifications to Data Cards and Variables
  • Workflow Manipulation
  • Troubleshooting (this may include inadvertent mistakes like typos)

*This option must be set in your online certification account to show up in the directory.
**Login required for access. Full access requires an active Subscription Service contract.

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