3D Solid Modeling

3D Solid Modeling

Accelerate design, save time and development costs, and boost productivity with 3D solid modeling capabilities in SOLIDWORKS 3D design software. 3D solid modeling is a critical aspect for modern product development and provides the basis for design, simulation, and manufacturing of any part and assembly across a broad range of industries, applications, and products.

3D Solid Modeling Overview

3D solid modeling with SOLIDWORKS speeds the creation of complex parts and large assemblies. Creating 3D solid models of your designs instead of 2D drawings:

  • speeds design development and detailing
  • improves visualization and communication
  • eliminates design interference issues
  • checks design functionality and performance (without the need for physical prototypes)
  • automatically provides manufacturing with 3D solid models that are required when programming CNC machine tools and rapid prototyping equipment

With SOLIDWORKS automatic drawing updates, you don’t have to worry about modifications. All 2D drawing views are automatically created from, and linked to, the 3D solid model. If the 3D solid model is modified, the 2D drawing views and details automatically update. This automatic associativity means that the solid model is always synchronized with your 2D documentation.

Key SOLIDWORKS 3D solid modeling features enable you to:

  • Create 3D solid models of any part and assembly, no matter how large or complex
  • Keep all 3D models, 2D drawings, and other design and manufacturing documents synchronized with associativity that automatically tracks and makes updates
  • Quickly make variations of your designs by controlling key design parameters
  • Directly edit your model by simply clicking and dragging model geometry
  • Generate surfacing for any 3D geometry, even complex organic and stylized shapes
  • Instantly analyze your 3D model for any solid mass properties and volume (mass, density, volume, moments of inertia, and so forth)

3D CAD Packages:
SOLIDWORKS Premium, SOLIDWORKS Professional, and SOLIDWORKS Standard

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