Large Assembly Design

Simplify design of large assemblies with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to handle designs that can contain more than 100,000 parts—a common demand in many industries. SOLIDWORKS easy-to-use capabilities help you manage, assemble, view, and document your large design to accelerate your design process, save time and development costs, and increase productivity.

Large Assembly Design Overview

The benefits of 3D modeling for managing and visualizing your design increase as the size and complexity of the product increases. A wide range of large assembly design tools in SOLIDWORKS make this possible including:

  • Configurations enable both detailed and simplified versions of a product to be designed
  • Large Assembly Mode automatically activates software performance options which can be set to trigger automatically whenever assemblies exceed a certain number of components
  • Large Design Review, the fastest way to open and investigate a large assembly, streamlines quick overviews and editing of large designs
  • AssemblyXpert provides recommendations, such as SOLIDWORKS performance settings, to speed up large assembly design
  • Exploded views document and explain your product design and help with planning for downstream manufacturing steps
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