Plastic and Cast Part Design

Use SOLIDWORKS 3D design software to quickly develop plastic and cast part designs that meet requirements for product performance and manufacturability. A broad set of design tools enables the creation of simple or complex plastic and cast parts and ensures that designs can be successfully molded and manufactured.

Plastic and Cast Part Design Overview

From consumer products to the medical and aerospace industries, plastic and cast parts are critical to successful product designs. SOLIDWORKS provides a set of fully integrated plastic part, cast part, and mold design tools so designers can easily validate that the parts they design can be molded successfully. Tools allow designers to check for draft, thickness, and undercuts to ensure the correct geometry for molding. SOLIDWORKS also includes basic and advanced photorealistic rendering tools to create real-life images of models, including proper texture and translucency.

Mold design tools speed the creation of plastic and cast part tooling by providing automated functionality for shrinkage compensation, parting surfaces, and mold splitting. The mold always references the part design — if the design changes, the mold will update accordingly. That means changes to the part design can be incorporated faster and easier.

In addition, mold-filling simulations using SOLIDWORKS Plastics show how melted plastic will flow during the injection molding process to predict manufacturing-related defects on parts and molds, enabling you to quickly evaluate part performance and manufacturability during the design process.

Plastic and cast part design tools include:

  • Shell tool for ensuring uniform wall thickness
  • Draft tool to add proper draft for mold extraction
  • Fillet tool to create even the most complex fillets
  • Tools to check draft, undercuts, thickness and surface characteristics like curvature
  • Rib tool for adding stiffening ribs
  • Complex surfacing tools to create and edit complex geometry, including stylish, curve-continuous (C2) surfaces
  • Special purpose tools, including wrap tools
  • Design for hardware-less assembly using Fastener Features, including Mounting Boss, Snap Hook & Groove, and Lip/Groove
  • Vent design tool to plan for air flow cooling
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