Design Analysis in ALL SOLIDWORKS CAD Packages

Design Analysis

Verify operation and performance as you create your design with easy-to-use simulation and design analysis tools that are fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software, accelerating your design process, reducing the number of prototypes, saving time and development costs.

Design Analysis Overview

SOLIDWORKS integrates easy-to-use analysis tools with design to verify operation and performance during product development. SOLIDWORKS design analysis increases product innovation by reducing risk in design, significantly reduces the number of physical prototypes needed, and helps lower material and other costs.

Design analysis and simulation functionality provided with all SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD packages provide:

  • Basic Structural Analysis —Perform basic linear part-level structural analysis of forces and pressures with fixed restraints; outputs for stress, factor of safety (FOS), resultant displacement, plus animation of results and eDrawings® output
  • Basic Motion—Make your designs move, taking into account simple contacts between parts, as well as gravity
  • Assembly Motion—Calculate the movement of your assembly based upon the applied SOLIDWORKS mates and motors. Can capture and edit motion key frames and can save as animation.
  • Basic Flow Analysis —Perform basic air (standard atmosphere) or water flow analysis for assemblies with single inlet and single outlet; outputs for velocities and pressures, plus animated results showing flow lines and color plots
  • Basic Environmental Impact Analysis —Quantify the environmental impact of your design, and optimize material selection, part geometry, and sourcing

SOLIDWORKS Premium software package provides extended analysis tools with SOLIDWORKS Simulation, including:

  • Structural Analysis —Carry out structural simulation on parts and assemblies with finite element analysis (FEA) and determine impact of material selection. Take into account variable forces and pressures, full restraint sets (sliders and pins, etc.), connectors (springs, bolts, spot welds), bolt check to help determine the correct number and size of fasteners, results (complete control over definition of results), contacts, materials model (linear, isotropic, orthotropic). For assemblies, easily identify areas prone to failure and evaluate design changes to enhance product quality.
  • Motion Analysis —Perform physics-based kinematic and dynamic analysis, using existing SOLIDWORKS mates together with motion features such as forces springs and dampers to calculate true motion behavior. Determine part and/or assembly displacements, velocities, and accelerations. Calculate forces and torques at the part connections, which can be used in a subsequent structural analysis. Show results as an animation or a graph. Selecting a point on the design allows creation of a trace path that can be used in subsequent design processes. Check the kinematics and dynamics of your product design throughout the operating cycle.

SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium software packages provide functionality for manufacturing cost analysis and tolerance stack-up:

  • Cost Estimation and Quoting—Automatically generate cost estimates of part manufacturing costs to evaluate your design as it develops
  • Tolerance Stack-up Analysis—SOLIDWORKS TolAnalyst™ automatically checks the effects of tolerances on parts and assemblies

For more design and performance analysis with structural, thermal, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) capabilities, see advanced SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional, and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation solutions.


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