Combines practical iterative functionality with accuracy and ease-of-use. Fully embedded inside of SolidWorks, it is perfect for the designer who needs manfacturability analysis, but is not necessarily a manufacturing expert. DFMXpress permits designers to easily gain insight into the cost-effective manufacturability of their designs.

Design for Manufacture Express (DFMXpress)

DFMXpress is an upfront validation tool used to identify geometry that is difficult, expensive, or impossible to manufacture by conventional machining operations. DFMXpress can help reduce the time it takes to consult with manufacturing specialists by identifying to the designer geometry that may contribute significantly to manufacturing problems.

DFMXpress allows engineers and designers to check their designs for manufacturability by identifying areas that are difficult, expensive, or impossible to machine.

Features & Benefits

  • Explanations and recommendations that will help designers identify manufacturing feasibility
  • Basic sets of rules for drilling, milling & turning
  • Rules parameters can be configured
  • Simple Graphical User Interface
  • Seamlessly integrated into SolidWorks
  • Feature Based (works with Automatic Feature Recognition engine)
  • Leverages SolidWorks’ SWIFT technologyDFMXpress