PhotoWorks Photoview 360

PhotoView 360

Quickly and easily create sophisticated photorealistic renderings and animations inside SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD with PhotoWorks PhotoView 360. You can make powerful images and presentations, saving time, increasing productivity, and accelerating time-to-market.

PhotoView 360 is now fully integrated inside SOLIDWORKS and replaces PhotoWorks. Full integration enables use of SOLIDWORKS materials, decals, lighting, scenes, appearances, and other aspects in PhotoView 360. In addition, rendered animations can now be created using PhotoView 360 and a native 64-bit version for larger projects is now available.


Generating high quality, life-like images and animations is a critical capability that can be used to enhance proposals, presentations, and submissions. People want to see 3D models as they would appear in real life, using specific colors and materials, in a specific environment or setting. They also want to interact, to maneuver around and through the design to gain perspectives impossible in 2D.

SolidWorks PhotoView 360 tools enable you to create photorealistic renderings and animations right from the 3D CAD model, including:

  • Apply Appearances—Adjust elements of your model including color, texture, and illumination
  • Apply Scenes—Set and control the background and surroundings
  • Decals—For labeling, branding, stickers, instrument faces, etc.
  • Integrated Preview—View your output in a preview window before fully rendering
  • Rendering Options—Control output image resolution, animation frame rates, etc.
  • Final Renderer—Generate detailed output after your preview
  • Rendering Scheduler—Set up your rendering to run during off-hours
  • Rendering templates—Save rendering settings for later use to ensure consistent outputipod alternative view 2

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