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Design Freedom

SOLIDWORKS xDesign combines ease of use with innovative design methodologies and cloud collaboration from inside your browser. Create parametric models and assemblies, or let xDesign’s Design Guidance suggest solutions for you. Share designs and collaborate throughout the product development process.

SOLIDWORKS xDesign Features:

  • Design Guidance: When facing tough structural design challenges, let Design Guidance offer possible solutions. Simply provide the part connection points and force conditions and Design Guidance will give you insight into what your part should look like sparking your inspiration. Keep it as a guidance reference or use it in your model.
  • No Hassle Cloud: Being cloud-based, with no software to install configure or manage, you are always working with the latest version of xDesign on all your devices.
  • Transparent Data Management: With xDesign you save, manage, version, and branch/merge your designs securely. Share only what you want and control what other team members can do with design data. Link your Dropbox® or Google® Drive and have a single point to access your files.
  • Social Collaboration: Ensure secure communication and collaboration with team members–internal or external. xDesign gives you unique ways to ensure successful collaboration within the ecosystem–through secure and safe communities, complete design and file access control, sharing, lightweight visualization, and product review.
  • Mass Reduction for Manufacturing: One of the critical objectives of product design is ensuring that the cost is as low as possible. xDesign Mass Reduction helps you redesign models for lower part mass while ensuring the desired form, function, and performance.
  • Project Management: Take control of your business and understand workflow progress by creating collaborative tasks, assigning and linking them to the parts you are working on. Manage the tasks and monitor the progress of execution through navigating with a project management dashboard.

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