3D Plastic Printer

3D Plastic Printer

Idea Series 3D PrintersStratasys Idea Series

Stratasys Desktop 3D Printers build professional 3D models right at your desk – so you can hold and share your product designs fast. With the easiest setup and operation in the industry – Stratasys Idea Series 3D Printers make your job easier.

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Stratasys Design SeriesStratasys Design Series

When you’re moving at lightning speed to get a new product to market, it’s hard to wait for outsourced prototypes. Don’t push back your timeline – let your team print them in-house with a Stratasys Design Series 3D Printer.

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Stratasys Production SeriesStratasys Production Series

Our Production Series takes 3D printing to a new level – manufacturing. You’ll find our Production Series 3D Printers on factory floors in nearly every industry because they’re the workhorse every manufacturer needs.

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