3D Printed Electronics Re-Imagines Manufacturing

The DragonFly™ Pro system simultaneously 3D prints dielectric polymer and conductive metal, allowing for the production of sensors, antennas, MIDs, PCBs and other innovative circuitry.

Non-planar Electronics

Modern electronics demands improved performance, functionality and increased miniaturization. This creates the need for curved surfaces and 3D printed layers that are not flat or of uniform thickness. The challenge is to produce optimized electronic prototypes, embedding the electronics in any shape, in order to authenticate new product designs. Learn More

Multi-layer PCBs

By combining high-resolution conductive and dielectric traces and spaces in a single print job, the DragonFly™ Pro System makes it possible to print a full range of multi-layer PCB features, from intricate geometries to interconnections such as buried vias and plated through holes, seamlessly into multi-layer PCBs for agile product development. The result is a high-quality, densely packed PCB, printed in less than 24 hours, ready for component placement and soldering.

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