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Onulis WRAP W7500

Onulis was built on the mission of solving critical gaps in the additive manufacturing workflow. With an extensive background in product development, our creative team of engineers has a keen focus on bringing to market intuitive products that solve current industrial pain-points. Our knowledgeable, friendly team of experts are here to help you realize world-class performance.

Resin Recycler

3D printing system manufacturer Onulis has launched an industry-first machine that’s capable of turning expired UV resin into a safely-disposable solid plastic. Built around Onulis’ patented Waste Resin Axial Printing (WRAP) technology, the W7500 allows adopters to recycle used or expired UV feedstock into materials that don’t require specialized end-of-life disposal. According to its creators, the fully-automatic machine’s ability to reuse resin allows it to “operate at virtually zero cost,” while yielding plastics with potential product prototyping applications.

Onulis WRAP W7500

Onulis WRAP W7500

The Onulis W7500 automatically converts UV waste resin into a fully cured solid plastic stock, which can be disposed of as standard household waste.
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