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With the patent-pending DECI Duo™, surface finishing of 3D printed parts is automated in a single system and designed with a space-saving footprint that optimizes production floor space.
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The DECI Duo has been engineered for the most advanced 3D print materials such as thermoplastics and metals, and offer fast cycle times for even the most complex parts, including those with internal channels, organic geometries, and honeycombs.

The Duo’s unprecedented performance is a result of PostProcess’ Thermal Atomized Fusillade (TAF) technology, in which two perpendicular, single-axis jet streams comprised of compressed air, detergent, and suspended solids providing targeted blast sequences while utilizing 360° part rotation for maximum surface exposure.

Through a combination of optimized energy, exclusive chemistry including detergents and suspended solids, the system is guided by our proprietary AUTOMAT3D® software to provide the desired surface finish while preserving fine-detail part geometries. The DECI Duo thinks like a member of your team, monitoring and reacting in real-time to maintain optimal conditions with sophisticated features like pre-programmed preventative maintenance schedules, intelligent cycle time programming, and one-touch repeatability with recipes stored within the software.

Thoughtfully designed, the DECI Duo also includes an LED lighted chamber, noise-reducing features for a low dBa, and the flexibility of a manual mode to allow for hands-on part finishing. We’re always thinking about how to optimize efficiency, with considerations like casters for easy installation, a smart electrical panel design, and pass-through door capability to help streamline your entire additive manufacturing operation.

Surface Finish Media

  • Urethane Abrasive Media (UAM)
  • Urethane Polishing Media (UPM)
  • Polyester Abrasive Media (PAM)

DECI Duo Features

  • Envelope Size

    15” D x 15” H 

    (38 cm x 38 cm)

  • Weight

    2180 lbs. empty, 2350 lbs. full

  • System Size

    69.5″ L x 37″ W x 94″ H (177 cm x 94 cm x 239 cm)

Full Specifications
Hardware Features

Customizable settings

Set and save programs for future runs

Stainless steel envelope

Textured powder-coated enclosure

Counter-weighted vertical door

Fully insulated exterior

Casters for easy installation

Size and Weight

Machine footprint: 69.5″ L x 37″ W x 94″ H (177 cm x 94 cm x 239 cm)

Approximate Weight: 2180 lbs. empty, 2350 lbs. full

Envelope Size

Envelope: 15” D x 15” H (38 cm x 38 cm)


Voltage: 480V 3 Phase

Amperage: 60A

AUTOMAT3D™ Software Features

Variable Tempertures

Intelligent cycle times

Proprietary Agitation Algorithms


PLM-001-DUO Detergent

AS-SS, AS-ALO, SS-SS Suspended Solids

Safety Features

Emergency stop

Auto power off

Compliant with all OSHA regulations

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