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Powershot Performance Series

Next level blasting systems purpose-built for the factory of the future & high-volume production with Additive Manufacturing

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All three versions of the Powershot Performance Series provide an intuitive user-friendly interface with optional user-levels. Pre-installed programs with specifically developed process parameters can be controlled. Your individual process parameters can be configured and saved easily, enabling a fast adaption to each specific application. Automatic part handling such as automatic unloading of your processed parts supports the integration into the DyeMansion Print-to-Product Workflow and the compete Additive Manufacturing chain. The design of the system allows for upcoming extension features for automatic loading.

Key Benefits

Increased Capacity

Up to 1.5x Part Volume

Reduced Process Time

Reduction Up to 20%

Increased Efficiency

Up to 2x Efficiency Gains

Which Performance Series Machine is right for you?

Powershot C Performance

Powershot Performance Series

3D Printed Part Cleaning

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Powershot Dual Performance

Powershot Performance Series

3D Printed Part Cleaning & Surfacing

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Powershot S Performance

Powershot Performance Series

3D Printed Part Surfacing

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Full Specifications

Individual programming, control and monitoring of process parameters via touch screen. Fully automatic unloading of processed parts.

Cycle time

Individually configurable, typically 3 to 15 minutes each process

Capacity Per Run

Full sized build job (e.g. full EOS P396 or 1.5x HP Jet Fusion 4200/5200)

Effective Volume of Multi Belt

55 liters | 14.5 gal

Effective dimensions of multi belt (L x W x H)

409mm x 800mm x 325mm | 12.2 inch x 31.5inch x 12.8inch

System (L x W x H)

1630mm x 2205mm x 2097mm | 64.2inch x 86.8inch x 82.6inch

Recommended space requirement in operation (L x W x H)

2530mm x 2900mm x 2600mm | 99.6inch x 114.2inch x 98.4inch

External extraction unit1 (L x W x H)

1000mm x 800mm x 2000mm | 39.4inch x 31.5inch x 78.7inch

Recommended space requirement in operation (L x W x H)

1500mm x 1300mm x 2000mm | 55.1inch x 51.2inch x 78.7inch

Power Supply Requirements

From 1.2kW up to 2.0kW 400V, 50Hz, 16A

Compress Air Consumption

Minimum: 1.4m3/min at 2.2bar | 49cfm at 32psi
Maximum: 1.8m3/min at 5bar | 64cfm at 73psi


CE | 2006/42/EG
EMV | 2014/30/EU
RoHs | 2011/65/EU

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Taking the Print-to-Product Workflow To The Next Level - Setting the Stage for Automation in Additive Manufacturing

The Powershot Performance series blends right into the factory of the future with state-of-the-art automation technology from Siemens. Integrated into your digital shopfloor with ERP/MES connectivity and standardized communication protocols like OPC-UA. Monitor and analyze all data surrounding the state and condition of the systems for performance & process optimization (with standardized IIoT messaging protocols like MQTT). Via a secure & certified VPN connection the systems can be accessed remotely for maintenance and troubleshooting to increase system uptime. This ultimately results in an unmatched performance of your production lines.

The Powershot Performance Series is designed for the most demanding applications within AM. The first system with a wide multi belt has an effective process volume of 55 liters and can handle 10kg of parts. While being able to process a full-sized build job, the Powershot Performance series has the smallest workspace requirements on the market. The blasting media sieving and separation unit leads to a lower consumable consumption and results in a reduction of costs. With a short cycle time and a capacity of a full-sized build job per run, the Powershot Performance series is more efficient than any other system available. Complemented by both our proprietary Cleaning & Surfacing processes these systems are designed for high volume production.

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