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Stratasys J55 Prime

Amazing possibilities at every turn. Bring your designs to life with the Stratasys J55 Prime 3D printer.

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Own your design process from start to finish. From fast concept models to quality high-fidelity models, the office-friendly Stratasys® J55™ 3D printer is an affordable option for maximum designer output.

The J55 Prime 3D printer introduces full color, high fidelity with tactile, functional and sensory capabilities – making the efficiency and quality of PolyJet Technology more affordable and office friendly than ever before. Create over 640,000 unique combinations, including Pantone Verified colors and save hours of time by replacing hand-painting techniques with vibrant color finishes.

Create everything from quick design iterations to high quality final prototypes, all in a compact, quiet, and odorless process.


Flexibility with state of the art Elastico™

Create superior part fidelity with tactile and sensory capabilities providing results that look, feel and function like the real thing. Introduce a new standard in elastic elongation-to-break, tear resistance and dimensional accuracy.

Functional modeling

Digital ABS simulates standard ABS plastics functional modeling combining high temperature resistance and high toughness.

Ultra Opaque Colors

Introduces sharpness in graphics, vibrant and precise colors and better plastic simulation to describe and better promote by extending the J55 full color space to include a 640,000 color gamut, setting a new standard in full color 3D hyperrealism.

Prolonged skin contact

Vero™ContactClear is a rigid rapid prototyping material with various on-skin and mucosal usage ideal for applications requiring prolonged skin contact.

Printing Materials

Stratasys J55 Prime

Stratasys J55 Prime Features

  • System Size

    651 x 661 x 1511mm (25.63 x 26.02 x 59.49 in.)

  • System Weight

    228 kg (503 lbs.)

  • Build Modes

    High Quality Speed (HQS) – 18.75um

  • Rotating Build Tray

    Radial 3D Printing paths for faster prints, better quality

  • Build Envelope (XYZ)

    140 x 200 x 190mm (5.51 x 7.87 x 7.48 in.)

Full Specifications
Printing Material

VeroCyanV™, VeroMagentaV™, VeroYellowV™, VeroPureWhite™, VeroBlackPlus™, VeroClear™, VeroUltra™ClearS, DraftGrey™, VeroUltra™ WhiteS, VeroUltra™ BlackS, Elastico™ Clear, Elastico™ Black, Digital ABS Ivory, VeroContact™ Clear

Support Material


Rotating Print Tray

Radial 3D Printing paths for faster prints, better quality

Size and Weight

651 x 661 x 1511mm (25.63 x 26.02 x 59.49 in.)

228 kg (503 lbs.)

Build Size / Print Area

140 x 200 x 190mm (5.51 x 7.87 x 7.48 in.) / Up to 1,174cm2

Layer Thickness

Horizontal build layers down to 18 microns (0.0007 in.)

Build Modes

High Quality Speed (HQS) – 18.75um


GrabCAD Print

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From Dream To Design

Bring Concepts To Life With Stratasys Multi-Material 3D Printing

Great designs don’t just happen — they take a lot of effort, planning and imagination to achieve. From concept validation and design verification to testing functional performance, using models in each stage of the design process can revolutionize a designer’s work. And 3D prototypes relieve the pain, hasten the process and extend financial benefits at each stage.

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Go beyond visual printing by adding tactile, functional and sensory capabilities to your in-house design process.

Ideas spun to life.

From perfecting products to applying concepts learned in the classroom, the J55 can help you realize any number of design ideas. The J55 Prime offers a rotating print platform for outstanding surface finish and printing quality, and features multi-material capabilities and material configurations for both industrial and mechanical design.

Designed for consistent, stable performance, the J55 Prime requires zero mechanical calibrations and features a “ready-to-print” mode, so you can turn ideas into reality without interruption.

Improving Your Productivity

Productivity at your elbow. Office, classroom, or studio environment – the J55 Prime office solution is engineered to fit seamlessly into a professional space, offering design and functional flexibility.


The J55 Prime features the best in-class footprint to printing tray ratio on the market, which means less bulk in your office and a better yield with more options.


The J55 Prime is ultra-quiet, operating under 53 decibels – that’s about the same as a household refrigerator.

Ease of use

Leverage an intuitive, three-step color 3D printing workflow – design, import, and print. Simply import designs using native CAD files or 3MF file formats and send models to the J55 Prime using GrabCAD Print software.

Odor free

Studios, offices and classrooms are not production facilities – and shouldn’t need to be. The smell free system uses a ProAero Air Extractor to effectively capture and filter out fumes, for a safe and odor free operation.

Cost effective

The Stratasys J55 Prime makes transforming your workflow a cynch while offering multimaterial prototyping – at an accessible price.


With the J55 Prime, there’s no need to compromise. Upgrade your design process with high resolution, fast prints, multi-material flexible capabilities and a full color range – all integrated into one low power office solution providing tactile capabilities and soft surface simulation. Now you can transform your workflow without transforming your space.

Do You Have a a 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Success Plan?

Stratasys Support

The ability to support our customers is the cornerstone of our business. Our engineers are available 12 hours per day, 5 days per week, our award-winning technical team can assist you with your 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing challenges in a timely manner.

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3D Printing Services

Are your 3D Printing machines all in-use? Do you need a material or technology you don’t currently have in-house? No matter your situation, the team at Computer Aided Technology can get you back on track to meet your deadline by providing you with 3D printed part services.

We can provide you with project support on a vast number of technologies including: FDM, SLS, DLP, CLIP, MultiJet Fusion, PolyJet, Stereolithography, 3D Printed Metals, CNC Machining, Injection Molding, Urethane Cast Molding

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CATI Is Your 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Success Plan

As the Nation’s leading Stratasys partner, no one is more qualified to build and support your product development process.  We believe everyone should have access to our curated portfolio of transformative engineering and manufacturing technologies.

By listening to and working with you, we will find the right solution for you at the right time, with an implementation and growth plan to support your business ambitions.

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