3D Printing for Non-planar Electronics

Modern electronics demands improved performance, functionality and increased miniaturization. This creates the need for curved surfaces and 3D printed layers that are not flat or of uniform thickness. The challenge is to produce optimized electronic prototypes, embedding the electronics in any shape, in order to authenticate new product designs.

Embedded Electronics

3D printed electronics opens the door to a world of new component embedding capabilities. With the ability to embed signal traces and both active and passive components inside 3D parts, designers can produce prototypes with embedded sensors, antennas, complex geometries for simultaneous functionality validation.  


The DragonFly™ Pro System makes it possible to 3D print electromagnetic coils, enabling product designers to vary physical shape and size for optimized application fit.  

Molded Interconnected Devices (MIDs)

With the ability to simultaneously 3D print dielectric polymer and conductive nano-particle silver ink with Nano Dimension’s DragonFly Pro System, conductive traces can now be printed within the insulating materials of Molded Interconnect Devices.  

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