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Ready for 3D Printing?

The Stratasys 3D Print Packages makes professional, in-house 3D printing attainable even for small engineering firms and entrepreneurs. 3D Printers come from Stratasys, innovators of FDM Technology. It’s a clean, reliable way to build durable concept models, functional prototypes, tooling and production parts. When you build right in the office, there’s no waiting for parts to arrive from an outside service bureau. The time saved can speed your development cycle and let you iterate freely.

Professional 3D printing just got easier.

Choose your 3D Printing Package

3D Printing Packages – Idea Series
Starting at $185/month*

3D Printing Packages – Design Series
Starting at $620/month*

3D Printing Packages- Production Series
Starting at $820/month*

* Leasing is available only in the United States and with approved credit.

Mojo Print Pack