3D Printer Price List

3D Printer Prices

3d-printing-priceGet a 3D Printer Pricing Chart to see the price ranges of the various 3D printers. 3D Printers range from $6,000 to $750,000 and have different print quality, materials, build size and functionality. Find a printer that fits your budget and requirements. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call Computer Aided Technology.  CATI can answer your 3D printing questions and assist you with your Rapid Prototyping needs.

Stratasys’ family of 3-Dimensional Printing Systems brings high-resolution, fine-detailed models into the hands of designers or engineers and fits in any office environment. Stratasys’ patented PolyJet and FDM technology provide a complete 3D printing solution for virtually any rapid prototyping application. Objet Studio Software guarantees that your models are printed smoothly and accurately. 3D printing prices for Stratasys’ line of 3D printers range from $6,000 – $750,000 depending on the functionality, print materials and size of prints.

3D Printer Price List – Low End

Idea Series 3D Printers:

uPrint SE/uPrint SE Plus

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3D Printer Price List – Mid Range

Stratasys Design Series

Precision 3D Printers:
Objet30 Pro
Objet30 Prime
Objet Eden260VS
Objet260 – Connex3

Performance 3D Printers:
Stratasys F170
Stratasys F270
Stratasys F370

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3D Printer Price – High End

Production Series 3D Printers:

Precision Systems:
Stratasys J750

Performance Systems:
Fortus 380/450mc
Fortus 900mc

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