Aerospace Industry Launches into the Future with Additive Manufacturing Trends

AeroSpace WhitepaperThe aerospace industry has long been looked to as a leader in predicting manufacturing trends. Learn how organizations, such as NASA & Leptron, are using additive manufacturing in all cycles of production, from design concept to near-end-of-life repairs.

In this white paper you will learn:
•  How the aerospace industry leverages additive manufacturing throughout its processes and functions

•  Benefits of design flexibility, cost reductions, and improved lead times

•  How the leading aerospace organizations use additive manufacturing to bring products to the market faster

Aerospace is the industry that other industries look to for a glimpse at what’s on the horizon. Aerospace has a long history of being an early adopter, innovator and investigator. What this industry was doing decades ago has now become commonplace, almost pedestrian. For example, the aerospace industry was the earliest adopter of carbon fiber, and it was the first to integrate CAD/CAM into its design process. There are many other examples that show that trends in aerospace are predictors of future trends in manufacturing across all industries.

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