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Build detailed, durable models with 3D printing

Seeing is believing. Stratasys 3D Printing helps architectural firms seize more opportunities by creating complex, durable models in-house, directly from CAD data.

PolyJet 3D printing technology produces astonishingly smooth, detailed architectural models in an array of materials, including rigid photopolymers ready for painting. For models that must bear loads or take abuse, FDM Technology builds strong parts in production-grade thermoplastics. Find customer testimonials and expert knowledge on 3D printing in architecture.

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Watch Videos on 3D Printing in Architecture

Objet 3D Printer Recreates Fenway Park

This detailed model of Fenway Park was 3D printed on an Objet500 Connex.

3D Printing is a Game Changer for Architecture Design

Piet Meijs of Rietveld Architects demonstrates how the firm’s Objet 3D Printer helps it drastically improve architectural model production, communicate with clients and secure more projects.