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Presenting the world's first and only automated and digitized FDM and PolyJet post-printing solution.

PostProcess Technologies: Unleash the Power of Additive

In additive manufacturing, parts coming off the printer require additional steps to be finished. They are typically encased in structural supports – supports that are required for the unique geometries 3D printing enables. At PostProcess Technologies, their cutting-edge solutions automate support removal using patent-pending software and exclusive chemistry technologies. Their proprietary process reliably removes support materials from all 3D printed parts while reducing cycle time and increasing productivity.
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Rough unfinished surfaces on 3D printed parts show build lines and the raw nature of the build process. The method of hand finishing is expensive, inconsistent, and does not scale when production runs are more than a few. PostProcess automates surface finishing for additive manufacturing with their unique, patent-pending technology-based solutions integrating hardware with proprietary software and chemistry. They are automating today’s manual methods and ensuring every printed part meets your specifications, such as desired Roughness Average (Ra), and dimensional consistency while keeping the fine-feature detail of the 3D printed part intact.
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Delivering replicable, high-quality uniformity for every part, every time – even with the most complex geometries. Their multi-functioning, patent-pending Hybrid Series machines tackle both support removal and surface finishing in one compact footprint. Developed to address the most complex and rugged of today’s additive manufacturing materials, the Hybrid Series delivers fast cycle times by optimizing energy to meet your desired specifications.
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