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In additive manufacturing, parts coming off the printer require additional steps to be finished. They are typically encased in structural supports – supports that are required for the unique geometries 3D printing enables. At PostProcess Technologies, their cutting-edge solutions automate support removal using patent-pending software and exclusive chemistry technologies. Their proprietary process reliably removes support materials from all 3D printed parts while reducing cycle time and increasing productivity.

Unparalleled Consistency

PostProcess ensures that supports on every part are consistently and completely removed - no breakage and no missed supports. Reliability that each part will be identical - all the time, every time.

Increased Throughput

Whether production is in the tens, the hundreds or the thousands, throughput is crucial. PostProcess reduces the cycle time for removing supports and excess resin and eliminates the manual post-printing ‘bottleneck’.

Greater Productivity

Our extensive engineering expertise allows us to deliver automated support removal on numerous printed parts simultaneously. Our solutions enable technician’s to focus on higher-value activities.