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Bridging the Gap between 3D Printers and Software

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Get the Most Out of Your 3D Printing Machine

3D printers are complex, and getting the desired result requires knowledge of machine parameters, processes and materials. To seamlessly link software with hardware and reduce the complexity of 3D Printing, the Materialise Build Processor simplifies machine communication through a straightforward user interface.

Materialise has strong partnerships with the majority of leading AM machine manufacturers worldwide and several key CAD/CAM software manufacturers. For independent software vendors, the Materialise Build Processor offers a single API interface. We provide the software platform and toolbox, then the AM machine manufacturer feeds it with process-specific knowledge. Together we bridge the gap between 3D printers and enable game-changing applications.

Materialise released 130+ Build Processors for various partners using different AM technologies.

Why choose Materialise Build Processor?

  • Easily translate 3D information into machine-specific instructions for printing
  • Simplify 3D printing machine communication
  • Access the de facto industry-standard software tailored to each machine
  • Efficiently process even very large platform files using slice-based technology
  • Benefit from the integration with other software from the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite
  • oin Materialise’s ever-growing partner network and build on our expertise

Communicate with the Materialise Build Processor

  • Out-of-the-box support for most printing technologies
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Seamless integration with data preparation
  • Open software architecture enables third-party software integration which results in user-friendly end-to-end workflows
  • Centralized build profile management
  • Advanced, multicore slicing algorithms
  • High degree of automation
  • Two-way communication between the machine and Build Processor with Streamics integration

Tutorial Magics: How to Export Platforms with a Materialise Build Processor

Materialise magics data preperation

Materialise Magics

The Most Powerful Data and Build Preparation Software

Materialise Magics is a versatile, industry-leading data preparation and STL editor software for Additive Manufacturing that allows you to convert files to STL, repair errors, edit your design and prepare your build platform. Ready to prepare your model for 3D Printing?

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Materialise e stage automated support generation

Materialise e-Stage

Your Hero for Automated Support Generation

Automating your support generation process is an important factor if you want to sharply increase your Additive Manufacturing productivity. With Materialise e-Stage, you can reduce data preparation time in a way you’ve never experienced before.

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Materialise matic design optimization

Materialise 3-matic

Premium Data Optimization Software

With Materialise 3-matic, you can clean up rough data for simulation or convert your mesh back to CAD. In addition, it allows you to enhance your design by creating 3D textures, lattice structures and conformal structures, ready for Additive Manufacturing.

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Materialise build processor machine communication

Materialise Streamics

Manage, Streamline and Connect Your Additive Manufacturing Activities

Materialise Streamics is a modular and configurable software system. Thanks to the full integration of Materialise Streamics with Materialise Magics and the Materialise Build Processor, you can work with the most complete system to manage your 3D printing operations.

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