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Save Time and Costs by Generating Support Structures Automatically

Whether you have one machine or 50, by automating your support generation you will reduce material costs and save an impressive amount of time on support generation and post-production finishing.
Our customers run our patented Materialise e-Stage on more than 40 different Stereolithography and DLP machines with over 40 materials. The machines range from large to small, with materials that are transparent or colored, or even ceramicfilled resins such as bluestone and nanotool.

Why choose Materialise e-Stage?

  • Reduce finishing time by 30%
  • Decrease operation time by 95%
  • Reduce resin consumption up to 15%
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Improve part quality
  • Increase success rate of builds
  • Optimized build process
  • Scalable as your machine park grows

Generate support with Materialise e-Stage

  • Automatic support generation in a few clicks
  • Minimal contact points
  • Nest parts in Z axis
  • Needle-thin supports

Materialise e stage automated support generation

Generate Support Structures in Less than Three Minutes

Key Features of e-Stage

Spend Your Time Wisely

One of the biggest advantages of automated support generation is that you will save time on data preparation and finishing time. This results in a shorter lead time and a happier customer!

Say Goodbye to Build Failures

SIt’s time to say goodbye to failures related to support structures! Materialise e-Stage eliminates human errors and increases the success rates of your builds.

Go for Supreme Quality

The reduced contact points and easy break-off points make post-processing easier and lead to a better surface quality for your part.

Maximize Your Customer Services

Since automatic support generation reduces the lead times, you’ll be able to deal with last-minute orders or invest more time in helping your customer. You’ll also be able to accept orders for more complex parts.

The Gusset Support Type

Decrease the build time and resin consumption of builds by using a gusset support structure.

40+ Machines

Our customers run the patented Materialise e-Stage on more than 40 different Stereolithography and DLP machines now, ranging from large to small.

A Wide Range of Materials

Currently, Materialise e-Stage support structures are built of 40 different types of materials that can be transparent, colored, or even ceramic-filled resins such as bluestone and nanotool.

For DLP Technology

Materialise e-Stage also allows you to automatically generate support structures for all your bottom-up resin-based machines.

Minimal Contact Points

With Materialise e-Stage, support structures are generated only where needed. The support structures will even avoid contact with the part as much as possible to limit finishing work.

Improved Drainage

Thanks to the porosity of our support structures, resin drainage is improved, leading to minimal material consumption.

Needle-Thin Contact Points

To ensure that you can easily break off support, Materialise e-Stage generates needle-thin contact points. Support removal has never been so easy.

Choose the Right Parameters

We offer you a wide choice of parameters to ensure that you can select the right support structures and produce optimal builds.

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