Materialise Magics Structures Module

Create Lightweight Versions of 3D Models in Seconds

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Why Choose the Materialise Magics Structures Module

The Materialise Magics Structures Module enables you to transfer a solid 3D model into a lightweight version. A lattice structure can be applied to reduce the weight of the design or reinforce it. Have a look at these four reasons why to choose the Structures Module.

1. Save Powder

Once you have created a hollowed design, you can add draining holes so that excess powder can be removed, leading to lower powder consumption and production costs.

2. Keep the Temperature Under Control

Since a model with structures requires less scanning, the generated heat can be kept under control and distortion during the build can be reduced.

3. Enhance Your Design

- Keep your model’s design intact, while reducing its weight.
- Create porous designs for bone and tissue in-growth.

4. Freedom of Design

Use the module’s structures library or design your own unit cell structures to create lattices.

Tutorial: All About the Structures Module

Transform a Solid Apple into a Lightweight Model in 3 Steps:

1. Create a Structure with or without Outer Shell

2. Choose a Unit Structure

3. Add Drain Holes to Remove Trapped Powder or Resin

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