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Leverage the benefits of the Smart Factory

Companies embracing Industry 4.0 concepts of automation, on-demand manufacturing and part customization to scale additive manufacturing into production require smart, connected 3D printing solutions integrated with their smart factory infrastructure. Stratasys recognizes that connectivity opens the door to new business models, such as enabling airlines to 3D print their own spare parts with license keys from aerospace company OEMs. Similarly, global manufacturers could more easily make on-the-fly decisions about where to produce parts in different locations through automated software integrated with global networks of 3D printers.

In order to enable the Smart Factory, Stratasys provides GrabCAD Software Development Kits (SDKs), a complete set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), sample code, documentation and support, to customers and independent software vendors. Used by software developers, the GrabCAD SDKs enable integration of additive manufacturing into the production workflow with machine monitoring and data collection, job programming and execution extensions. In addition, we are building an ecosystem of Stratasys Software partners that focus on specific customer use cases to bring the best in industry to our customers.



MTConnect is a manufacturing data communication protocol that lets you to extract data and information from your printers and other manufacturing equipment. It enables this by providing a standard that allows diverse manufacturing equipment to supply information in a common language that you can use to assess and optimize your manufacturing operation. Examples of how you can leverage the data include assessing production metrics, energy use and equipment effectiveness.

Stratasys customers with a F900 and Fortus 450mc printers will be able to connect their machine to their existing third-party applications for MES, BI (business intelligence) or ERP (enterprise resource planning) system to increase 3D printing productivity and efficiency.

Connectivity SDK

Stratasys' Connectivity SDK allows you to interact with Stratasys Fortus, F900 and F123 Series printers. Third-party MES and ERP software applications can use this SDK for scheduling print jobs and monitoring print status. When used in conjunction with MTConnect, the two SDKs provide a wholistic two-way communication pathway that allows control of Stratasys equipment on the factory floor and collection of both low and high frequency system data.


Our PLM SDK lets you connect part orders from your PLM application directly to GrabCAD Print pre-processing software. Retrieve job data including print job file (CMB/.PRINT) and job build parameters (printer type, material, build resolution, infill patterns, etc.) along with job estimates of build time and material usage.


makes 3D printing easy, accessible, and connected for Stratasys 3D Printers.



A 3D-optimized software package that prepares electronic designs for printing on the DragonFly Pro


GrabCAD Shop

Work Order Management Software for 3D Printing Model Shops

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