Stratasys H350 3D Printer

Accurate, production-grade parts with best-in-class consistency. Meet high production demands with the Stratasys® H350™ powder bed fusion 3D printer.

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Built for demanding industries.

The SAF™ powered H350 3D printer gives you control of your production and costs. Grow your business through volume production with consistent end-use functional parts.

Additive manufacturing has seen growth in demand for products with pandemic-proof supply chains, shorter design-to-part cycles and reduced-spare-part inventory. Commercial equipment, consumer goods, automotive and transportation are some of the industries demanding equipment that fulfills their production needs. H350 is the additive manufacturing solution with the control that customers need to deliver the consistency, accuracy and competitive cost that these markets demand.

Part Production Control

Quality control is always at the heart of successful volume production applications. With H350 you can establish a manufacturing control system that will enable you to certify your production.

Control consistency.

Produce high-volume parts with accuracy and repeatability. The H350 3D printer prints with exceptional detail and a smooth surface finish

Control your workflow

The H350 gives you the option to operate your way. Track your materials and log your build data, effortlessly adjust print settings and certify your production like never before. Plus, get stable production configuration thanks to long-lasting industrial printheads as well as build freedom with simple, efficient nesting.

Control your cost

Run lean and boost your return-on-investment with the H350. Get predictable and simple part cost estimation, manage fewer consumables and produce consistent and accurate parts made up of 80% reused powder. Additionally, save on machine recertification and part costs with long-lasting printheads and a12 percent nesting density.

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3D Printed Parts

Quality finished, end-use products

Consumer-facing products that require a high-quality finishing such as clips, eye-wear, consumer electronic cases and ear-phones.

Molds, and robust load bearing parts

Brackets, mold tools, machine components, jigs, adapters, manifolds and manufacturing aids.

Functionally enhanced parts

Parts with movement such as hinges, gears and clips; electric protection connectors, improved impact resistance or such as shatter-proof trims, durable housings and covers.

Printing Material

SAF Technology

Effective Build Size

315 x 208 x 293 mm
(12.40 x 8.18 x 11.53 in)

Size and Weight

1900 x 940 x 1730 mm (74.8 x 37.0 x 68.1 in)
825 kg (1819 lb)

Layer Thickness

100 μ (0.004 in)

Time to Full Build

11.62 hrs.

Build Modes

High Quality Speed (HQS) – 18.75µm

Stratasys H350 3D Printer

Download the Spec Sheet
Product Specifications
Powder Stratasys High Yield PA11
Fluid Fluid Stratasys High Absorption Fluid HAF TM
Build Size/Printing Area 315 x 208 x 293 mm (12.40 x 8.18 x 11.53 in)
Layer Thickness 100 μ (0.004 in)
Build Volume 19.2 l (5.07 gallon)
System Size and Weight 1900 x 940 x 1730 mm (74.8 x 37.0 x 68.1 in) 825 kg (1819 lb)
Operating Conditions Temperature: 20-25˚ C (68-77 deg F) Humidity: [40-55]% RH Extraction rate: 300 m3/h (294 CFM)
Power Requirements 400VAC, 3P+N, PE, 50-60 Hz, 16A
Certificates Safety: EN ISO 12100:2010 Electromagnetic: DIRECTIVE 2014/30/EU Environmental: REACH, RoHS, WEEE, Modern Slavery Act, CoA, CoC (and from 2021, Conflict Minerals regulation), TSCA
Software GrabCAD Print Server
** Measured when ambient temperature is 23 °C and relative humidity is 50%.

Selective Absorption Fusion on the H350

Thanks to industrial-grade SAF technology, you will meet high production demands. The long-lasting piezo electric printheads, patented Big-Wave™ powder deposition and unique thermal management provides consistency throughout the build volume. The one pass print-and-fuse process, 12% nesting density and minimized consumables allow you to achieve production-level throughput. Plus, achieve fine feature detailing and uniformity with a single High Absorption Fluid (HAF).

What is SAF?

SAF technology empowers a powder-based additive manufacturing process that employs industrial-grade technology to achieve higher levels of production of end-use parts. SAF is the technology behind the upcoming H Series™ Production Platform that provides broad capability to control the print process to achieve accurate, consistent production at competitive part costs.

How it Works:

SAF technology uses an infrared-sensitive HAF (High Absorbing Fluid) to fuse particles of polymer powder together in discreet layers to build parts. It uses Big Wave™ powder management, a proprietary technology that includes powder distribution across a bed, where industrial-grade Piezo-electric print heads jet the fluid in prescribed areas to create each layer of the part. This is followed by exposure to infrared energy, which causes the areas with HAF to melt and fuse together. The sequence is repeated until the parts are completed.