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Print Smarter and Faster…At Any Size

Whatever the complexity, the J4100 can handle any design. An ultra-large build tray, multimaterial capabilities, fast throughput, and a wide range of material properties mean unlimited design possibilities and improved productivity.

Size means Productivity

  • Print large parts in a single print job, eliminating the need to split your largest files in CAD and bond the parts later.
  • Low cost of ownership of the J4100. The massive build envelope and efficient workflow optimize your productivity so you can print large or small parts with a low cost per part.
  • Printed parts are ready to use with little or no post-processing, as supports are removed with a WaterJet and the smooth, multi-material parts require no polishing or painting.
  • Digital material options enable you to combine up to 14 different materials in one part, including VeroClear, Rigur, and the Tango and Vero families.

Size and Weight

1960 x 2868 x 2102 mm (77.5 x 113 x 83 in.)
2200 kg (4850 lbs.)

Build Size

1000 x 800 x 500 mm (39.3 x 31.4 x 19.6 in.)
Model weight on tray: 135 kg

Layer Thickness

16 microns (0.0006 in.)

Stratasys J4100 3D Printer


600 microns


GrabCAD Print™

Full Side-by-Side Technical Specifications Below

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Build industrial-scale parts and mixed trays in 120 materials.

The J4100 is the largest multi-material 3D printer in the world. It lets you build your largest tools, fixtures and prototypes – or large batches of smaller parts – in one automated job. It offers 120 material options, with as many as 14 distinct materials in any part or tray; and PolyJet’s signature high precision. Amplify productivity and expand your in-house capabilities.

Full Scale Prototypes with Flawless Precision

The J4100 is Stratasys’s wide format 3D printer for rapidly creating large industrial size models and 1:1 scale prototypes.
Featuring an ultra-large build tray size of 1000 x 800 x 500mm (39.3 x 31.4 x 19.6 inch), this Stratasys 3D Printer enables designers, engineers and manufacturers to quickly and precisely prototype any 3D CAD design, no matter how complex or detailed.

What’s Unique about the J4100?

Unlike any other 3D printer of this size, the J4100 is equally adept at printing large and small models with no compromise on precision. Print tough, 1:1 scale casings that can be drilled, assembled, and screwed together while also printing small-scale, multi-material prototypes that are almost impossible to distinguish from the final product.

The All Around Solution for Large Industries

The J4100 3D Printer is able to run the full gamut of fit, form and functional prototyping requirements. The system is easy to use, can work for prolonged unattended periods, and is perfectly suited to companies in automotive, defense, aerospace, consumer goods, household appliances and industrial machinery.

It’s a J8 – But Bigger!

Based on the world’s most effective and efficient prototyping technology, the J4100 combines the advanced precision of inkjet-based 3D printing with Stratasys’s renowned Connex multi-material build capability. Connex technology offers a choice of over 120 materials, with materials that simulate both standard and ABS-grade plastics. In addition, you can print up to 14 materials in a single model to achieve the precise look and feel of your intended end product.

Model Materials Transparent rigid (VeroClear™)
Rubber-like (TangoPlus™ and TangoBlackPlus™)
Rigid Opaque (Vero family)
Simulated Polypropylene (Rigur™)
Digital Materials Transparent shades and patterns
Rigid Opaque shades
Rubber-like blends in a range of Shore A values
Simulated Polypropylene blends in rigid and flexible options
Digital ABS Plus™ simulates ABS plastics by combining high-temperature resistance with toughness Digital ABS2 Plus™ matches those properties and provides enhanced dimensional stability in walls thinner than 1.2 mm (.047 in.)
Rigur-based Digital Materials in a range of Shore A values and shades in rigid and flexible options
Support Materials SUP705 (WaterJet removable)
Maximum Build Size 1000 x 800 x 500 mm (39.3 x 31.4 x 19.6 in.)
Max model weight on tray: 135 kg
System Size and Weight 1960 x 2868 x 2102 mm (77.5 x 113 x 83 in.); 2200 kg (4850 lbs.)
Resolution X-axis: 300 dpi; Y-axis: 300 dipl; Z-axis: 1600 dpi
Accuracy Up to 600 microns for full model size (for rigid materials only, depending on geometry, build parameters and model orientation)
Layer Thickness Horizontal build layers as fine as 16 microns (0.0006 in.)
Software GrabCAD Print™
Workstation Compatibility Windows 7 64 bit/Windows 8
Network Connectivity LAN – TCP/IP
Power Requirements 230 VAC 50/60Hz; 8A single phase
Regulatory Compliance CE, FCC

Multi-material versatility.

The J4100 offers multiple materials for a variety of applications, including flexible and transparent materials for the most realistic models. Agilus30 allows for shore values ranging from slightly rubbery to soft and pliable, which means designs can look and feel like the real thing. VeroUltraClear, which mimics clear acrylic and provides great transparency, makes it simple to simulate products with glass or plastic components.


Flexible photopolymer that mimics the look and feel of rubberlike products.


Transparent material with high clarity and low yellow index, ideal for prototyping packaging, lighting components or eyewear.


Multipurpose rigid material in four opaque shades: blue, gray, black, and white.

Digital ABS Plus

Digital material simulating durable production plastics, offering high impact strength and heat resistance.