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Objet260 Connex™

Product** End of Service* Service-Time & Spare Parts Printing Materials
Connex260 30-Jun-23
Connex260U 30-Sep-23

3D Printing Materials for the Connex260


Compact Multi-Material 3D Printing System

A Revolution in True-Product Realism
3d Printer - Objet Connex 260
The Objet260 Connex™ is a compact, attractively priced edition of Objet’s pioneering line of multi-material 3D printers. It enables designers and engineers to rapidly build prototypes to match their intended end-product like no other technology currently available.

What’s Unique About Objet260 Connex?

The Objet260 Connex comes with a choice of over 60 different build materials. From these it can simultaneously build 14 different materials into a single model part, providing a highly accurate idea of how even complex or assembled end products will look and perform.

Freedom to Select the Right Materials
The Objet260 Connex enables users to select as many as up to 51 composite, Digital Materials™ simulating anything from rubber to transparency to rigid ABS-grade engineering plastics. It encourages designers and engineers to explore and innovate and helps them to come to the right choices based on the best representation of their intended end-product.

The Best. Now in a Smaller Package
The Objet260 Connex combines Objet’s outstanding 16-micron, high-resolution layer accuracy and multi-material printing with a tray size of 260 x 260 x 200 mm (10.2 x 10.2 x 7.9 inch), small enough to fit in the corner of any office. The system is small, quiet and uses easy to insert materials that come in fully-sealed REACH compliant cartridges.

Harness your Creativity. Advance your Business
The Objet260 Connex gives you the fullest possible idea of how your end product will look and perform. It encourages designers and engineers to explore and innovate and helps them to make the right choices in a much shorter time. And the result for your business? A better end product, that’s delivered to market faster and more cost-efficiently than ever before.

Objet Connex 260 Printed Models

Objet Connex 260

Objet Connex 260 Video