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Eden250™ 3D Printing System

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Eden 250 31-Dec-15 Available Available

The cost effective route to superior models

The Eden250™ 3D Printing System (an Objet Printer) provides the perfect entry point to the world of high-quality rapid prototyping. It brings the market-leading advantages of Objet’s innovative PolyJet™ technology into the reach of almost any design or manufacturing operation.

Based on PolyJet™ technology, Eden250 provides a complete solution for the accurate building of any geometry – easily, quickly, cleanly and cost effectively. Models produced on the Eden250 are smooth and durable, with fine details and an outstanding surface finish.

The small-footprint, exceptionally cost effective system uses a completely clean process, making it ideal for standard office environments. It even fits through a typical doorway, making installation simple and quick.

With the Eden250, consumer products, electronics, medical devices and fashion accessories companies, along with academic institutions and small businesses, can easily afford to bring their modeling in-house. This enables them to maintain full design confidentiality and improves group creativity by making it quick and cost effective to “see and touch” even early ideas.

Key Benefits

Eden250 3D Printing Systems – Cost effective entry to high quality

  • Highly competitive system cost, with outstanding model quality
  • Easy switching between High Quality and High Speed printing modes.
  • Exceptional ease of use

– Eliminates costly training
– Shortens learning curve

  • Clean process and small footprint

– Minimal site preparation
– Easy installation

Outstanding accuracy, surface features and fine details

  • Typical tolerance of just 0.1mm
    – Enables high accuracy and repeatability of models
    – Ensures easy attachment of multiple parts
  • Horizontal layers of 16µ (0.0006”)

– Highest resolution in the competitive market
– Eliminates the stair effect common to complicated curved surfaces built in lower resolution
Produces ultra-fine detail usually only available with high-cost systems

  • Thin walls down to 0.6mm (0.024”)

Clean, smooth surfaces

  • Easy-to-remove, support material enables sophisticated geometries at any angle

– Delivers smooth exterior and interior surfaces, including cavities, without the remnants characteristic of rigid support structures
– Eliminates finishing and post-build processing

Highly flexible system

  • Choice of High Quality or High Speed printing modes
  • Easy switching between modes

Ideal for office environments

  • Small footprint
  • Safe, clean, office-friendly process

– Uses environmentally stable, fully cured materials
– Resins are supplied in sealed, ready-to-load cartridges, requiring no contact

  • Easy management & maintenance

– SHR™ (Single Head Replacement) enables easy, in-house replacement of individual jetting heads.
– Other basic support can be done in-house
– PolyLog™ built-in materials management system facilitates production control

Eden 3D Printing Systems

Eden 3-Dimensional Printing Systems offer unprecedented return on investment (ROI) for professional rapid prototyping applications. Printing with the high accuracy of ultrathin 16µ layers, all Eden systems produce models with exceptionally fine details and smooth surfaces.

With the Eden 3-Dimensional Printing Systems family, you can select the system that best fits your needs, whether in build size, productivity or budget requirements. The compact design and the clean process of all Eden systems makes them ideal for any office environment.

The Eden family includes:

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