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Eden350™ & Eden350V™ 3D Printers

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Product** End of Service* Service-Time & Spare Parts Printing Materials
Eden 350 31-Dec-16 Available Available
Eden 350V 31-Dec-21

3D Printing Materials for the Eden350 and Eden350V



The Eden 3D Printers – Versatile Systems Delivering High Productivity and High Quality in an Office Environment.

The Eden 3D printers are the best solution in high productivity, flexibility and model quality to shorten your product design-to-manufacturing cycle.

Eden350V and Eden350 3-Dimensional Printing Systems utilize Objet’s advanced Eden platform, providing the market’s most productive, flexible and high-quality way to compress the product design-to-manufacturing cycle.

Eden350V and Eden350 are based on Objet’s PolyJet photopolymer jetting technology. PolyJet™ technology enables horizontal layers of just 16-micron (0.0006″), exceptionally fine details, and ultra-thin walls down to 0.1-0.3mm typical (accuracy varies according to the geometry, part orientation and print size).

The systems are designed to provide high-quality, 3-dimensional models quickly and conveniently throughout the CAD/CAM process. With a full 350 x 350 x 200mm build size, the new systems offer the flexibility to produce a single large model or multiple smaller models in one build. Eden350V and Eden350 have a similar build size (larger than 10mm) to the highly successful Eden330™, which has been widely adopted across many manufacturing segments.

Key Benefits – Eden 3D Printers

Eden350V 3D Printer delivers superior flexibility & speed

Both the Eden350V and Eden350 print in High Quality mode, with X and Y resolutions of up to 600 dpi, allowing rapid production of models with very fine details. The Eden350V features an additional printing mode – High Speed (HS) – that prints in the same resolution as High Quality mode, yet builds horizontal layers of 30m at almost double the speed of High Quality. The choice of printing modes enables Eden350V users to match quality and speed to the specific needs of any project or application.

Full choice of FullCure® materials for the Eden 3D Printers
The Eden350V and Eden350 support the full line of FullCure® model and support materials, including the opaque VeroBlue, VeroWhitePlus™ and VeroBlack, and the flexible rubber-like TangoGray, TangoBlack, and TangoBlackPlus. They also support FullCure720 Transparent and the universal FullCure Support.

The wide choice of materials opens opportunities for a wide range of applications by enabling models and parts with varying properties in terms of flexibility, elongation at break, and color. The same high accuracy, detail and surface quality are maintained regardless of material choice.
Maximum unattended productivity – available with Eden 3D Printers

Designed for maximum unattended operation, the Eden350V supports four jumbo material cartridges, each holding 3.6kg of material. The system features automatic switching between cartridges, and the PolyLog materials management system that ensures optimal materials usage. The Eden350V can run for at least 72 hours without operator intervention – translating to a full weekend of productivity with no weekend staffing costs. The Eden350 supports dual 3.6kg materials cartridges.

All FullCure materials cartridges are loaded and removed through a front-loading door. With this clean, non-contact materials handling, and no particular physical effort and or operating requirements, the Eden350V and Eden350 – like all Objet systems – are perfect for any office environment.

High productivity – available with Eden 3D Printers

  • Up to 20mm/hour/strip
  • Easy switching between High Quality Mode and High Speed Printing Modes
  • Full weekend unattended operation, using Jumbo materials cartridges (at least 72 hours of non-stop build capacity)
  • Optimax – Automated resin handling

Clean, smooth surfaces – using Eden 3D Printers

  • Easy-to-remove, support material enables complex geometries at any angle
  • Delivers smooth exterior and interior surfaces, including cavities, without the remnants characteristic of rigid support structures
  • Eliminates finishing and post-building process, during the 3D printing process