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Eden 500V 30-Jun-23

3D Printing Materials for the Objet Eden 500V


The ideal solution in build size, surface quality, accuracy, easy of use and versatility – Eden500V™ 3D Printer

The Eden500V™ 3-Dimensional Printing System is the ideal solution for large-size model requirements or when high productivity is vital. Its build size of up to 500 x 400 x 200mm eliminates the need to glue smaller pieces together for large models and enables simultaneous printing of multiple models on a single build tray – cutting production time for models of all sizes.

Ease of Use – Eden500V™ 3D Printer

Based on Objet’s innovative PolyJet™ technology, Eden500V provides an easy to use, fast and clean solution for the precise building of any geometry. This drastically shortens product development cycles and significantly decreases time to market for new products. Models produced on the Eden500V have smooth and durable surfaces, with exceptionally fine details and an outstanding surface finish.

The Eden500V offers high resolution in the y-axis of up to 600 dpi – with no difference on print speed. A choice of High Speed (HS) or High Quality (HQ) printing modes gives you maximum flexibility to achieve the quality you need in different timeframes.

Featuring a compact footprint and sleek exterior design, Eden500V supports four 3.6kg Jumbo cartridges of material. This cartridge size allows unmanned operation for extended periods. When two 3.6 kg. cartridges for Model material and two for Support are inserted, the Eden500V can run for at least 72 hours of continuous unattended printing. That’s a full weekend of productivity, without weekend operator costs.

Key Benefits – Eden500V™ 3D Printer

Outstanding model surfaces and fine details

  • Horizontal layers of 16µ (0.0006”)
  • The highest resolution in the market, with identical X&Y resolution of 600 dpi; enables models with fine features in Y direction with no loss of speed
  • Eliminates the stair effect common to complicated curved surfaces built in lower resolution
  • Produces ultra-fine details usually only available with high-cost 3D Printers
  • Thin walls down to 0.6mm (0.024”)

Super-high productivity

  • Up to 20mm/hour/strip
  • Easy switching between High Quality and High Speed printing modes.
  • Full weekend unattended operation, using Jumbo materials cartridges (at least 72 hours of non-stop build capacity)
  • Optimax – Automated resin handling

Clean, smooth surfaces

  • Easy-to-remove support material enables complex geometries at any angle
  • Delivers smooth exterior and interior surfaces, including cavities, without the remnants characteristic of rigid support structures
  • Eliminates finishing and post-build processing

Wide range of model sizes & types

  • Large build size for standard 3-dimensional printing systems – up to 500 x 400 x 200mm (19.3 x 15.4 x 7.9”)
  • Flexibility to efficiently produce many smaller models in the same build, or larger models in a single build, without gluing, saves time and money
  • Supports all FullCure materials (Transparent, Vero and Tango, and FullCure Support)
  • Future-ready with built-in infrastructure for additional model materials

The Eden500V™ 3D Printer – Ideally suited for an office environment

  • Small footprint
  • Safe, clean, office-friendly process
  • Uses environmentally stable, fully cured materials,
  • Resins are supplied in sealed, ready-to-load cartridges, requiring no contact
  • Easy management & maintenance
  • SHR™ (Single Head Replacement) enables easy, in-house replacement of individual jetting heads
  • PolyLog™ built-in materials management system facilitates production control and permits optimization of production management